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Power Switching, Lamp Dimmers,  Motor Controllers. The PWRSBOX has been created to fulfill the users need for a multiple outlet GFCI with advanced capabilities.  The Quad outlet
models provide  3 outlets that are allways powered, with one outlet that is switched on and off automatically as the tool or device plugged into it's associated outlet is used, or turned on and off. The PWRSBOX  was primarily designed for woodworkers who want their shop vac to only run when a tool is in use. Can also be used to turn a lamp on and off as the tool is used.  This eliminates wasted energy and aggravation.
The PWRSBOX is rated at 20 Amps total, and the switched outlet is rated at 10 amps capacity, enough for a 1/2 Hp motor.

The PWRBOX with six outlets does Not have switching capability, however it does provide GFCI protection for six devices.

Wireless models with the ability to start and stop equipment across the shop, without the need to string extension cords are also available, as are custom design options.
The PWRSBOX was developed primarily as an assist for
woodworking and shop operations. Manufactured in the USA
of primarily (95%) US and North American components.

A one ampere draw at 120 volts is required to activate.

We can also provide 220 or 277 volt configurations at
comparable prices. Please call for more info.

The heavy duty PWSRBOX comes in PVC with or without weatherproof covers. All connections are
Schedule 80 PVC, rather than the more common,
less durable schedule 40 PVC.
The supply wire is 6' long, 12 gauge, 20 amp rating with a heavy duty 15 amp plug for convenience. All components are the finest available.
 Available as GFCI or not.

The medium duty PWRSBOX comes in a plastic molded case with no provision for a cover. The supply wire is 6' long, 14 gauge, 15 amp rating molded plug. Intended for indoor use only. Available as GFCI or not.

The PWRSBOX comes in two basic configurations.


The PWRSBOX-ON is configured to turn on a related piece of equipment, when the primary device is started.
For instance, when the saw or router is turned on, the
secondary device, typically a vacuum cleaner or a lamp
is turned on. When the saw or router is shut off, the
vacuum or lamp is turned off. This accomplishes saving energy and aggravation, by eliminating the need to run the secondary equipment constantly, when the primary device is off.
Another really good use for the PWRSBOX-ON is for a sump pump.
If you need to know when the sump pump is running, a lamp or siren alarm can be plugged in, to provide visual or audible alarm indication. The sump pump package is available with the plug in siren alarm, also can be ordered with a GFCI, and also can be ordered with a battery alarm, that will notify if and when power to the sump pump is not available, eg: power failure or GFCI tripped.
All sump pump package units come with a floating battery operated water detector.
You don't need to wake up in the morning, to find the power has gone off and Your basement is full of water.
With the combination of features available, You can be more secure, that in the event of a problem, You can be pro-active and correct the problem, before it becomes a disaster.

The PWRSBOX-OFF was developed for situations, where insufficient power is available for all the applications involved.
To simplify that statement, let's consider the following
situation. A home owner has a single 20 amp circuit available.
That circuit is powering a microwave, a coffeemaker and a toaster oven.
When the coffeemaker is on, and the toaster oven is on everything is ok, but when somebody starts the microwave, the circuit becomes overloaded and trips the circuit breaker or fuse.
With the PWRSBOX-OFF, when the microwave is started, the power to the toaster oven is interrupted, when the microwave turns off, power is restored to the toaster oven, permitting it to complete whatever was being heated. The PWRSBOX-OFF is
ideal for RV's, mobile homes, and anywhere that sufficient power
is not readily available to run all devices at once.
This way if You are running an electric heater, You don't need to remember to shut it off before starting the microwave.
The PWRSBOX-OFF will automatically turn off the space heater until the microwave stops, and cycle the heater back on automatically at the conclusion of the microwave cycle.

Radio signal PWRSBOX configurations are available to control related equipment needs within 50' feet of each other, to eliminate running extension cords, or to permit high amp draw devices to be on separate electrical circuits and still toggle on and off in unison.

All PWRSBOX devices and components are UL Listed and patent protected.
If not completely satisfied, return for full refund.
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